Insights and Intelligence through Data

  • Portfolio Insights2:26

    Portfolio Insights

    Get a competitive edge with an in-depth look at where you stand in the Canadian credit market

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  • How much do you know about credit, Canada?3:36

    How much do you know about credit, Canada?

    We invited Canadians to share what they know about credit reports and credit scores. Would you be able to answer our questions? If not, it’s OK. We’re here to help. Visit our credit education section

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  • Equifax Dimensions™ - Delivering Precision Insights8:06

    Equifax Dimensions™ - Delivering Precision Insights

    Learn how Equifax® trended data delivers Precision Insights™ that can help you understand and target your best customers.

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  • Turn Prospects Into Customers0:43

    Turn Prospects Into Customers

    Our data and cloud-based technologies help you connect with customers.

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  • Get paid on time, more often1:17

    Get paid on time, more often

    With BillMarket™, your customers get the capital and payment flexibility they need, while you manage risk by getting paid from customers you can trust.

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  • Get paid your way1:00

    Get paid your way

    Put more purchasing and payment power in the hands of the businesses that buy your products and solutions by adding a BillMarket™ link to your next invoice. BillMarket, a collaboration between Equifa

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  • Big investment, more commercial insight2:16

    Big investment, more commercial insight

    Discover how you can count on Equifax to help you grow and protect your business, now more than ever.

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  • BusinessConnect™2:03


    BusinessConnect connects the most important revenue functions in your organization—Marketing, Sales, Credit and Collections—all on the platform. Discover how we can help your organization sp

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  • Risk Reveal: Arrive at better credit decisions faster19:14

    Risk Reveal: Arrive at better credit decisions faster

    Watch this webcast to get insight into the credit history and delinquency potential of both a business AND its owners/guarantors; automate and speed decision-making using the dual matrix code to inter

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  • Equifax Ignite™2:29

    Equifax Ignite™

    Multiple data sources provide a 360-degree view of your customers

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  • Webcast  Strengthen Your AML Compliance Strategy12:06

    Webcast Strengthen Your AML Compliance Strategy

    Comprehensive and actionable, AML Assist™. empowers you to address compliance requirements with greater ease and flexibility.

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  • Equifax Payment Dimensions Plus™2:31

    Equifax Payment Dimensions Plus™

    Equifax Payment Dimensions Plus™, is a new product that uses trended data to bring you Precision Insights™ about consumer credit behaviour. A trended data profile goes beyond the traditional point-in-

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  • Data in an even more powerful form2:10

    Data in an even more powerful form

    The new technology will enable Equifax and its clients to deliver a better end-consumer experience, faster service, and fair and flexible access to credit for all Canadians.

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  • Best Practices for Searching the Equifax Business Credit Report™30:04

    Best Practices for Searching the Equifax Business Credit Report™

    Pulling a credit report on the wrong company is frustrating. Each incorrect or “no hit” file costs you time and money. Join Jeff Brown for this 30-minute webcast to review common search scenarios and

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  • BusinessConnect™ from Equifax0:55

    BusinessConnect™ from Equifax

    BusinessConnect, built on the platform, helps simplify, streamline and accelerate collections and credit management processes by automating routine manual tasks and decisions, and centralizi

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  • Equifax Property Dimensions™2:07

    Equifax Property Dimensions™

    Property Dimensions is a new solution for lenders that delivers Precision Insights™ by leveraging data from two powerful sources: Detailed consumer credit and mortgage information from Equifax; Sophis

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  • Winning with SBB Data22:23

    Winning with SBB Data

    Maximize your credit management decisions with Small Business Banking data from Equifax

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  • Equifax Business Credit Report1:49

    Equifax Business Credit Report

    Leverage your Business Credit Information with Equifax insights

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  • Uncover Hidden Insights with Commercial Risk Scores18:44

    Uncover Hidden Insights with Commercial Risk Scores

    Commercial Risk Scores and Indicators helps your company make informed risk management decisions on commercial trade matters, because after all, better business credit decisions start with better info

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  • Dimensions d’Equifax1:09

    Dimensions d’Equifax

    Atteignez vos objectifs grâce à des aperçus précis et ciblés.

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