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Make your data sparkle

By Ajay Handa, Chief Data Officer, Equifax Canada


Is data is the new oil?  No is the short answer. Oil is a scarce commodity, data is not. Data is being created every second of every day in every aspect of life. Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, GPS and social media data are EVERYWHERE.  The real question is how do you dig out the gem from a giant rock pile?  And since finding the diamond is hard enough, consider the many challenges of making that diamond shine like linking and ingestion, privacy, regulation, and consumer consent.


So where do you start?  You could start with a business problem. There are approximately 500k new Canadians each year whose consumer experience would dramatically improve through better data.  Because an average condo rents for $1700 and an average mortgage is $2000, good rental behaviour can be a predictor of future mortgage performance.


To better understand the key principles of developing a data strategy - from data perfection to anonymization  - our “Alternate Data Opportunities” presentation highlights key tactics and techniques.


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About the Author

Ajay possesses a Masters in Business Economics, specializing in Econometrics and Game Theory coupled with 19 years of experience in the field of Analytics and Data Governance. Ajay has also provided consultative services in a wide array of industries ranging from Finance and Banking to Telco and Automotive. At Equifax, Ajay is dedicated to ensuring that data driven insights, analytics and critical thinking drive decision-making all while data quality and standards are increased and new data sources are brought to the forefront of Equifax’s top priorities. Not only is Ajay big picture savvy when it comes to data, he understands the granularity of Data Analytics as his background is focused on insights and deployment based on a career in Modelling, Forecasting, Segmentation, BI and Data Management.

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